QEII Centre – London, Uk

24th International conference on solid state ionics

Fundamentals, Characterisation and Devices for a NetZero World

15 – 19 July, 2024

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SolidState ionics is the fundamental underpinning science behind many of the electrochemical technologies needed to achieve net zero, such as fuelcells, electrolysers to produce green hydrogen, Li and sodium batteries for transport and grid storage.

The focus of this conference will be how to promote basic research, materials discovery and materials processing for application in the electrochemical devices urgently needed to achieve the green energy transition. We will also focus on the advanced characterisation and modelling techniques necessary to support and accelerate this process. Finally we will cover the application in to a range of devices including novel applications in electronics.




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Conference Topics

Fundamentals: Experiment and simulation
  • Lattice transport in solid state ionic materials
  • Grain boundary transport in solid state ionic materials (homogenous interfaces)
  • Interfacial transport in solid state ionic devices (heterogeneous interfaces)
Emerging Materialsfor High-Performance Devices
  • High Entropy materials
  • Microstructural optimisation
  • Simulation techniques
  • Polymeric materials
Advanced characterisation techniques: fundamental and devices
  • Lattice Atom transport
  • Surface characterisation
  • Microstructural characterisation: Atomic resolution imaging
  • In-situ and in-operandi
Devices for a Net Zero World
  • Devices for a Net Zero World
  • Energy Storage
  • Microstructural characterisation: Atomic resolution imaging
  • Iontronics

Conference Organizers

Stephen Skinner

Imperial College London

John Kilner

Imperial College London

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QEII Centre

London, UK

Broad Sanctuary, Westminster
London, SW1P 3EE
United Kingdom

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